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Dry Cleaning
Abaya AED15.00
Abaya Beaded AED30.00
Backpack AED15.00
Bathing Suit AED7.00
Bathrobe AED12.00
Bed Sheet AED10.00
Blouse Normal AED8.00
Blouse Silk AED12.00
Bra AED3.00
Cap AED5.00
Carpet (Per Sqm) AED25.00
Carpet Wool (Per Sqm) AED50.00
Comforter Cover D AED20.00
Comforter Cover S AED15.00
Comforter Double AED30.00
Comforter Single AED20.00
Curtains (Per Sqm) AED20.00
Curtains Thick (Per Sqm) AED30.00
Doormat AED12.00
Dress AED15.00
Dress Special Event AED25.00
Duffle Bag AED15.00
Duvet AED20.00
Galabiya AED25.00
Gents Suit 2-Piece AED25.00
Gents Suit 3-Piece AED35.00
Ghatra AED7.00
Gloves AED5.00
Handkerchief AED3.00
Jacket AED20.00
Jumpsuit AED21.00
Kandura AED10.00
Kurta AED8.00
Leather Coat AED75.00
Leather Jacket AED50.00
Lungi/Wizra AED8.00
Mattress Protector AED20.00
Napkin AED3.00
Overcoat AED25.00
Pillow AED15.00
Pillow Cover AED5.00
Pullover AED15.00
Pyjama Full AED15.00
Pyjama Pants AED6.00
Rug AED30.00
Saree AED20.00
Scarf AED6.00
Shalwar-Kamiz 2-Piece AED14.00
Shalwar-Kamiz 3-Piece AED15.00
Shirt AED8.00
Shirt silk AED11.00
Shorts AED8.00
Skirt Long AED12.00
Skirt Normal AED10.00
Socks AED3.00
Sofa Cover Large AED12.00
Sofa Cover Regular AED8.00
Sports Suit 2-Piece AED12.00
Sweater AED20.00
T-Shirt/ Polo AED8.00
Table Cloth AED12.00
Table Mat AED7.00
Tie AED6.00
Towel Large AED6.00
Towel Small AED3.00
Trouser/ Jeans AED8.00
Underwear AED3.00
Vest AED5.00
Wedding Dress AED200.00
Pressed / Ironed
Abaya AED8.00
Abaya Beaded AED15.00
Bathing Suit AED5.00
Bathrobe AED7.00
Bedsheet AED5.00
Blouse Normal AED4.00
Blouse Silk AED6.00
Bra AED2.00
Comforter Cover D AED6.00
Comforter Cover S AED6.00
Comforter Double AED18.00
Comforter Single AED18.00
Curtains (Per Sqm) AED15.00
Curtains Thick (Per Sqm) AED15.00
Dress AED5.00
Dress Special Event AED15.00
Duvet AED10.00
Galabiya AED15.00
Gents Suit 2-Piece AED15.00
Gents Suit 3-Piece AED20.00
Ghatra AED4.00
Gloves AED3.00
Handkerchief AED2.00
Jacket AED12.00
Jumpsuit AED18.00
Kandura AED6.00
Kurta AED4.00
Leather Coat AED50.00
Leather Jacket AED35.00
Lungi/Wizra AED3.00
Mattress Protector AED15.00
Napkin AED2.00
Overcoat AED15.00
Pillow Cover AED3.00
Pullover AED8.00
Pyjama Full AED8.00
Pyjama Pants AED4.00
Saree AED10.00
Scarf AED4.00
Shalwar-Kamiz 2-Piece AED6.00
Shalwar-Kamiz 3-Piece AED8.00
Shirt AED4.00
Shirt silk AED6.00
Shorts AED4.00
Skirt Long AED7.00
Skirt Normal AED6.00
Socks AED2.00
Sofa Cover Large AED7.00
Sofa Cover Regular AED5.00
Sports Suit 2-Piece AED8.00
Sweater AED8.00
T-Shirt/ Polo AED4.00
Table Cloth AED7.00
Table Mat AED4.00
Tie AED4.00
Trouser/ Jeans AED4.00
Underwear AED2.00
Vest AED3.00
Wedding Dress AED100.00